Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki


The Age Of Chivalry:Hegemony is a highly developed mod which adds new technologies, units, buildings, and much more to the amazing classic strategy game Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Expansion Pack.


  • Command one of three types of civilisation: the early-game Communal civilisations, the mid-game, militia/spear-centred Urban societies or the heavy infantry/cavalry Noble principalities
  • Prepare to fight! Changed game mechanics ensure a much earlier start to the combat, with archery units available in the first age and castles and battering rams in the second
  • Complement your armies with mercenaries like the Genoese Crossbowman, Longbowmen, Flemish Infantry, the Privateer, or, for the French, Scots Guards and Swiss Pikemen
  • Take up the fight as Austria, Bavaria, Bohemia, Brandenburg, Brittany, Burgundy, Denmark, England, Flanders, Florence, France, Friesland, Genoa, Guelders, Helvetia, Hungary, Liège, Milan, Naples, the Papal States, Poland, Savoy, Saxony, Scotland, Venice or Wales itself, each completely different
  • Advance your civilization on one of two paths by making essential policy decisions, affecting the future of your people
  • New buildings, technologies, and units, from the ordinances of the Princely Court to the might of each faction’s unique hero
  • Amass armies of lancers, batteries of ribalds; raise urban militias or chivalric hosts
  • Research new, civ-specific, technologies, such as English Longbowmen or Welsh Border Forts
  • Regicide and wonder games are given new depth with named rulers and monuments to protect or kill
  • Discover the history of each of the 18 countries - plus special articles on the period’s conflicts and warriors
  • Historical 8-scenario campaign takes you through some of the major events of the period (the battle of Bouvines, the Barons’ War, the conquest of West Friesland, the battle of Kortrijk, the start of the Hundred Years War, the siege of Maastricht, the battle of Vitkov Hill and the siege of Neuss)

General Changes[]

Ages are now called centuries:

Dark Age - 12th Century

Feudal Age -13th Century

Castle Age -14th Century

Imperial Age -15th Century

Each civilization is given a different name and has been changed-a lot. Play as Wales, France, England, Brittany, Friesland, Genoa, Burgundy, Austria, Poland and many more!

Gold has been replaced with silver. Instead of gold coins you trade florins.

The history section has many drastic changes and has been widely expanded.

There are now lions roaming the wilderness, instead of jaguars.

Regicide kings have names based on historical characters.

Some units have different names depending on particular civilizations.

Civilizations have new or changed unique units.

Sheep can be generated at the town center for 15 silver each.

There is a new campaign to play- 9 great battles, covering major events of the time period.

New policy decisions allow you to specialize. Will you go with the nobility or the common people? Beware, only one can be researched per game!

ES campaigns have been modified by adding sly witticisms and changes to civilizations and text. In the Barbarossa campaign, Barbarossa himself has been added to the campaign as a must-survive hero. (Bug note: campaigns cannot be saved unless scenarios are extracted and reformed.)

Changes to units[]

(also see: Units)

Default Units[]
  • Scout Cavalry: renamed to Pathfinder, attack increased.
  • Hussar: renamed to Hobelar or Hobigiuir or Berroviere, attack increased.
  • Militia: renamed to Freeman, fewer HP.
  • Archers/Skirmishers: range increased, have minimum range, more inaccurate.
  • Crossbowmen/Arbalesters: attack and range increased, take longer to reload, have minimum range, more inaccurate, cost more.
  • Cavalry Archer/Hvy Cavalry Archer: changed to Mounted Crossbowman/Mtd Cranequinier, attack and range increased, take longer to reload, more inaccurate; costs -5 florins (gold).
  • Cavalier/Paladin: renamed to Knight/Royal Knight, attack and pierce armour increased, more expensive, costs 2 pop slots, trained at Castle.
  • Knight: renamed to Trooper, costs 1.5 pop slots.
  • Camel/Heavy Camel: changed to Lancer/Guard Lancer.
  • Eagle Warrior/Elite Eagle Warrior: changed to Militia Lancer/Town Lancer, attack and HP increased, different costs, more widely available.
  • Petard: disabled/changed to Heroes.
  • Fire Ship/Fast Fire Ship: changed to Galley/Galeass, attack and range increased, shoot arrows, lower rate of fire.
  • Cannon Galleon/Elite Cannon Galleon: renamed to Privateer/Likedeler or Caravel/Carrack. Requires Alchemy and Mercenaries.
  • Halberdier: changed to Halberd Militia, final upgrade of the militia line, attack bonus vs infantry and cavalry.
  • Scorpion/Heavy Scorpion: attack and range increased, costs 3 pop slots.
  • Mangonel/Onager/Siege Onager: range and pierce armor increased, costs 3 pop slots.
  • 2H-Swordsman/Champion: renamed to Man-At-Arms and Foot Knight, HP and armour increased, more expensive, costs 1.5 pop slots, trained at Castle.
  • Hand Cannoneer: name changed toHandgunner, attack and range increased, attack bonus vs buildings, minimum range.
  • Monk: renamed to Priest, cheaper; no default conversion.
Unique Units[]
  • War Wagon/Elite War Wagon: Elite renamed to Hussite War Wagon, stronger, slower, different costs, benefits from Alchemy and Siege Engineers.
  • Chu Ko Nu/Elite Chu Ko Nu: changed to Cuman/Mongol Auxiliary, different civ.
  • Tarkan/Elite Tarkan: renamed to Gwaster/Kigner, changed stats, has range, costs 1.5 pop slots.
  • Teutonic Knight/Elite Teutonic Knight: changed to Riga Militia (different civ) and Italian Infantry, different stats and costs.
  • Throwing Axeman/Elite Throwing Axeman: disabled.
  • Berserk/Elite Berserk: changed to Hobescorene/Partiefiuchter, changed armour.
  • Longship/Elite Longship: renamed to Kogge/Holk. The Kogge is available to all civs.
  • Samurai/Elite Samurai: changed to Starosta (editor) and Halbbruder, changed stats, different costs..
  • Cataphract/Elite Cataphract: changed to Ruiter/Wapentuer, changed stats.
  • Cataphract: changed to Rhenish Knight for different civs.
  • Mameluke: changed to Liv Auxiliary, no range, changed stats, different costs, different civ
  • Elite Mameluke: changed to Bajoras.
  • Woad Raider/Elite Woad Raider: changed to Cliarthaire/Arras, changed stats, different costs.
  • Woad Raider: changed to Scots Guard, changed stats, different civ.
  • Longbowman/Elite Longbowman: renamed to Helwr/Saethwr, changed stats and costs.
  • Janissary/Elite Janissary: changed to Genoese Arbalester/Genoese Guard, changed stats and projectile.
  • Jaguar Warrior/Elite Jaguar Warrior: changed to Herreman/Livgarde, cost 1.5 pop slots.
  • Huskarl/Elite Huskarl: changed to Scaerwetter/Witte Caproen, changed stats and costs.
  • Mangudai/Elite Mangudai: changed to Gefolgsmann/Reichsritter, changed stats and costs.
  • Conquistador/Elite Conquistador: changed to Routier/Ecorcheur, changed stats and projectile.
  • Missionary: cheaper, different stats, different civ.
  • Turtle Ship: unbuildable; restricted to editor.

Changes to buildings[]

(also see: Buildings)

Siege Workshop[]
  • trains Trebuchets
  • trains Handgunners (Bohemia, Brittany, Denmark, Helvetia, Savoy)

  • 3 sizes with different costs and characteristics: small (450 stone, least HP, pop. support and garrison), medium/normal (650 stone), large (850 stone, stronger attack, most HP, pop. support and garrison)

  • Heavy Demolition Ship removed
  • Age of Kings Galley-Line removed

Bavaria (Chinese), Poland (Saracens)[]
  • Stable: trains possible unique units (Rhenish Knight, Bajoras)

Denmark (Aztecs)[]
  • Barracks: added trooper and militia lancer
  • Dock: Galley-Line removed, added Longship

Friesland (Vikings)[]
  • Dock: Galley-Line removed, added Longship

Helvetia (Mayans)[]
  • Barracks: added trooper and militia lancer; spearmen trained at the Assembly Hall.
  • Archery Guild: skirmishers are trained at the Assembly Hall

Saxony (Japanese)[]
  • Town Center: trains Riga Militia for the Teutonic Order.

Scotland (Celts)[]
  • Archery Range = Highland Barracks. Trains archer, skirmisher, light cavalry, unique unit.
  • The Barracks = Lowland Barracks. Trains militia, spearmen, trooper
  • Stable disabled
  • Dock: Galley-Line removed, added Longship

Wales (Britons)[]
  • Barracks: added militia lancer; spearmen trained at the Assembly Hall
  • Archery Guild disabled; skirmishers trained at the Assembly Hall

Changes to technologies[]

  • Thumb Ring: now only gives a 15% accuracy boost.
  • Parthian Tactics: renamed to Plackart.
  • Chemistry: renamed to Alchemy.
  • Herbal Medicine: renamed to Surgery. Researched at the University/Chapter School.
  • Fervor: renamed to Mendicant Orders.
  • Atonement: renamed to Chiliasm.
  • Redemption: renamed to Localised Interdict.
  • Sanctity: renamed to Celibacy.
  • Illumination: renamed to Manuscript Uniformity.
  • Theocracy: renamed to Girdle Book.