Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

The Wapentuer is the upgrade of the Ruiter, unique to Guelders. He is much stronger than his predecessor, with increased anti-infantry bonuses and more anticavalry armor. They are excellent charging units, and present a challenge even to pikemen. They are more than just infantry stoppers, however; they are superb allrounders. Researching Warhorses allows them to trample adjacent units.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Knightly Cavalry

Available to: Guelders

Trained at: Castle

Century: 15th

Cost: 70 Food, 75 Florins



HP: 150

Attack: 14

Armor/Pierce Armor: 2/1

Special: +14 vs. infantry, 16 armor vs. anticavalry units.


Crunch! These are very good units, able to steamroll even pikemen. When used correctly, a force of Wapentuers can be a greater threat than knights and as dangerous as Teutonic Ritterbrüder. The crunch, by the way, is the sound of infantry being trampled underfoot.

The Wapentuer not only has double base attack aganst infantry, it also has anticavalry armor, meaning it reduces anticavalry attack bonuses. They can be used to snuff lancers too, and considering the Guelder knightly corps is slower, they can form the bulk of an army's cavalry wing.

The Wapeunter is a strong overall unit, capable of even being used for assaults due to its greater speed. Since it has the speed to charge archers (though the armor might be a problem), the attack to take on infantry, and the armor to shake off lancers, they are maids of all work, capable of confronting any challenge. Their only true weakness is, in fact, stronger cavalry.

Historical Background[]

While the initial cavalry armies were plunderers and hardly more than brigands, when they honed their skills they turned into professional soldiers and were fully incorporated into princely armies.