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The Hussite faction splits into two upon research of that technology. The player can now go with either the puritan Taborites or the richer, moderate Utraquists. The Utraquists represent the moderate wing of the Hussite faith, that consist mostly of wealthy citizens and part of the Bohemian knightly class. Therefore, they are able to let Slechtics (Royal Knights) fight for their cause, Iron Cast their melee weapons, and research Heresy. Their cavalry classes are also improved (ministeriales and knightly cavalry +2 attack; Bloodlines enabled).

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: Bohemia

Researched at: Town Hall

Requires: Hussite Beliefs

Century: 14th

Cost: 25 Food , 50 Florins

Effect: Enables Slechtic, Heresy, Iron Casting and Bloodlines; Knights and Ministeriales have + 2 Attack.

Historical Background[]

Utraquism (from the Latin sub utraque specie, meaning "in both kinds") was a Christian dogma first proposed by Jacob of Mies in 1414. It maintained that the Eucharist should be administered "in both kinds" — as both bread and wine — to all the congregation, including the laity. (The practice among Roman Catholics at the time was for only the priests to partake of the wine).

The Utraquists were a moderate faction of the Hussites (in contrast to the more radical Taborites and Orebites-Orphans). They were also known as the Prague Party or the Calixtines — from calix, Latin for their emblem, the chalice.

The Utraquists eventually reunited with the Holy See and defeated the more radical Taborites and Orphans at the Battle of Lipany in 1434. After that battle, nearly all forms of Hussite revival were Utraquist, as seen with George of Podebrady, who even managed to bring the city of Tábor, the famous Taborite stronghold, to convert to Utraquism.