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Trebuchets are powerful, long-ranged siege weapons available (naturally) in the 15th century, at the Siege Workshop. They do enormous damage against buildings, but unlike rams, they prefer to outrange things (a treb can outrange almost any unit in the game). Trebuchets also fire massive shells that, while inaccurate, can kill any unit (except rams, some heavy cavalry*, heroes, and other trebs) instantly.

The bad news is, however, that trebs are built in their packed form. They must be packed to move and unpacked to attack. While moving, they are vulnerable to arrow attack. And a packed trebuchet will be knocked out if hit by an unpacked one. Breton trebs can fire more accurately, and the Saxon unique tech, the Counterpoise Trebuchet, allows them to fire and pack/unpack faster. A crew of four is required to operate the machine; that is, they take up a whopping five population slots,

Unit Statistics[]


Available to: All

Built at: Siege Workshop

Century: 15th

Cost: 200 Wood, 200 Florins, 5 population slots

Type: Siege Weapon


(The unit's status while packed will be noted after a forward slash (\).

HP: 200

Attack: 150\0

Arnmor/Pierce Armor: 1/150\2/8

Range: 17

Special: +250 vs. buildings.

Unit Strategy[]

As with all forms of siege equipment, you need an escort. However, the incredibly powerful shell of the treb can be harnessed multiple ways.

Destroying buildings with ease is with no doubt this unit's primary use. Several of these fired into a melee, however, can make a huge difference. They have no blast radius, so they don't hurt your own guys. Firing into a crowd also takes advantage of the treb's innaccuracy. If you tell it to blast a unit (trebs will only auto-attack buildings or other trebuchets when unpacked), it'll try to hit that unit, but if that unit is in a crowd, another, possibly more crucial, unit could be hit. Or several, if you decide to volley.