The Town Hall is the administrative center for your city. It trains your peasant workforce, allows you to breed sheep as well as to research a civ's policy decision(s) and various economic technologies that increase the efficency of your peasants. It can, furthermore, serve as a last means of defense (Burgundian Town Halls have +2 attack).

You must advance to the 13th Century to build additional Town Halls; however, if your main one is destroyed at any time you are able replace it if you have the required amount of resources.

Building StatisticsEdit

Name: Town Hall

Available: All (Additional THs are available from 13th Century on)

HP: 2400

Attack: 5

Armor: 3

Pierce Armor: 5

Range: 6

Garrison Capacity: 15 foot units (not cavalry or siege)

Cost: 275 wood, 100 stone

Special: +3 vs. spearmen, ships and lancers; no mimimum range. Additional Town Halls available in 14th Century, though you can replace yours at any time if it is destroyed.

Building UnitsEdit

Peasant (all centuries)

Sheep (all centuries)

Building TechnologiesEdit

Loom (12th Century, peasants +15 HP, 1/2 armor)

Town Watch (12th Century, enables Watch Towers, building LOS +4)

13th Century

Wheelbarrow (13th Century, villagers speed/carrying capacity increased)

14th Century

Town Patrol (14th Century, building LOS +4)

Hand Cart (14th Century, villagers speed/carrying capacity increased)

15th Century

  • A 12th Town Hall
  • A 13th Town Hall
  • A German/Slav Town Hall
  • A Genoese Town Hall
  • A French,Breton,Burgundian Town Hall
  • A 14th Danish,Gueldres,Frisian Town Hall
  • A 15th Danish,Gueldres,Frisian Town Hall
  • An 14 English,Scottish,Welsh Town Hall
  • An 15th English,Scottish,Welsh Town Hall
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