Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

The Town Hall is the administrative center for your city. It trains your peasant workforce, allows you to breed sheep as well as to research a civ's policy decision(s) and various economic technologies that increase the efficency of your peasants. It can, furthermore, serve as a last means of defense (Burgundian Town Halls have +2 attack).

You must advance to the 13th Century to build additional Town Halls; however, if your main one is destroyed at any time you are able replace it if you have the required amount of resources.

Building Statistics[]

Name: Town Hall

Available: All (Additional THs are available from 13th Century on)

HP: 2400

Attack: 5

Armor: 3

Pierce Armor: 5

Range: 6

Garrison Capacity: 15 foot units (not cavalry or siege)

Cost: 275 wood, 100 stone

Special: +3 vs. spearmen, ships and lancers; no mimimum range. Additional Town Halls available in 14th Century, though you can replace yours at any time if it is destroyed.

Building Units[]

Peasant (all centuries)

Sheep (all centuries)

Building Technologies[]

Loom (12th Century, peasants +15 HP, 1/2 armor)

Town Watch (12th Century, enables Watch Towers, building LOS +4)

13th Century

Wheelbarrow (13th Century, villagers speed/carrying capacity increased)

14th Century

Town Patrol (14th Century, building LOS +4)

Hand Cart (14th Century, villagers speed/carrying capacity increased)

15th Century