Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

The Teutonic Order is a country sub-group branching fromBrandenburg . To play as the Teutonic Order, research the relevant Policy Decision at your Town Hall in the 13th century.

The Teutonic Order disables most of your regular units (such as crossbowmen , militia , etc) and the German and Slav Barracks, Stable and the University. In return, you gain the ability to create auxiliaries from the Order Commandry, militia from the Town Hall, and two very powerful, slow heavy units from thecastle . Some technologies from the University can instead be researched at the Order Commandry.

Civilizational Benefits[]

  • Same as Brandenburg
  • Towers and Walls have more HP, Tower upgrades free
  • Castles have +400 HP, +2 range, +5 garrison slots
  • Disables non-siege military units
  • Enables new Order units and technologies
  • Priests can convert

Unique Units and Technologies[]

Halbbruder - Strong but slow infantry with attack bonus against unique units

Ritterbruder - Strong but slow cavalry with attack bonus against siege units

Liv Auxiliary - Light cavalry with attack bonus against cavalry

Lett Auxiliary - Crossbowman

Riga Militia - Militia

Missionary - Mounted Priest

Counterpoise Trebuchet - Trebuchets fire, pack/unpack faster

Cistercian Reform - Missionary, Halbbrüder and Ritterbrüder receive +2/+2p armour

Imperial Privilege - Halbbrüder and Ritterbrüder receive +3 attack

Units Available[]


The Order can train German Militia.


The Order can train Liv Auxiliaries.


The Order can train Lett Auxiliaries

Siege Weapons[]

Ram Line - same as Brandenburg.

Scorpion Line - same as Brandenburg.

Mangonel Line - same as Brandenburg.

Other Siege Units - same as Brandenburg. The Order can hire German Gunners.

Castle Units[]

Knightly Infantry - The Order can train Halbbrüder.

Knightly Cavalry - The Order can train Ritterbrüder.

Naval Units[]

Mercenary Warship Line - The Order does NOT receive the Likedeler.

Galley Line - same as Brandenburg.

Demolition Ship - same as Brandenburg.


Blacksmith - same as Brandenburg.

Castle - same as Brandenburg.

Military - same as Brandenburg.

Dock - same as Brandenburg.

Economy - same as Brandenburg.

Church - same as Brandenburg.

Town Hall - same as Brandenburg.

University - disabled.

Guild Hall - The Order receives Swordsmanship instead of Militia Guilds. Additional technologies: Murder Holes, Treadmill Crane, Fortified Wall, and Alchemy. Towers are being upgraded for free.