Tarasnices are Bohemian unique units. They are similiar to the Heavy Scorpion siege unit, firing a bolt that passes through and damages several units at once. However, it is a gunpowder unit, and has a higher attack, but less HP than the usual. Bohemia must research Hussite Beliefs to produce Tarasnices.

Unit StatisticsEdit


Type: Artillery, Scorpion

Available to: Bohemia (with Hussite Beliefs)

Trained at: Siege Workshop

Century: 14th

Cost: 75 Wood, 75 Gold

Population: 3

Tarasnice stats


HP: 45

Attack: 22

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/7

Range: 10 (MR 4)

Special: +8 vs. Ribalds, +4 vs buildings, +2 vs. rams.


Attack: Alchemy

Range: Siege Engineers

Scenario Editor NotesEdit

The Tarasnice replaces the Heavy Scorpion in the Bohemian scenario editor and is buildable instead if the player chooses to start the game in the 15th century.


Use a Tarasnice similar to how you'd use a regular scorpion. Also, try not to confuse the Tarasnice with the Houfnice. They look the same, but have very different abilities.

Historical BackgroundEdit

The Tarasnice was a simply designed, light Hussite field gun mounted on a wooden gun carriage. It had a bore of about 5-10 centimetres and an effective range of 250-300 metres. With its flat fire-line, the Tarasnice was used for direct fire on enemy units.

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