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Tarasnices are Bohemian unique units. They are similiar to the Heavy Scorpion siege unit, firing a bolt that passes through and damages several units at once. However, it is a gunpowder unit, and has a higher attack, but less HP than the usual. Bohemia must research Hussite Beliefs to produce Tarasnices.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Artillery, Scorpion

Available to: Bohemia (with Hussite Beliefs)

Trained at: Siege Workshop

Century: 14th

Cost: 75 Wood, 75 Gold

Population: 3

Tarasnice stats.jpg


HP: 45

Attack: 22

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/7

Range: 10 (MR 4)

Special: +8 vs. Ribalds, +4 vs buildings, +2 vs. rams.


Attack: Alchemy

Range: Siege Engineers

Scenario Editor Notes[]

The Tarasnice replaces the Heavy Scorpion in the Bohemian scenario editor and is buildable instead if the player chooses to start the game in the 15th century.


Use a Tarasnice similar to how you'd use a regular scorpion. Also, try not to confuse the Tarasnice with the Houfnice. They look the same, but have very different abilities.

Historical Background[]

The Tarasnice was a simply designed, light Hussite field gun mounted on a wooden gun carriage. It had a bore of about 5-10 centimetres and an effective range of 250-300 metres. With its flat fire-line, the Tarasnice was used for direct fire on enemy units.