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The Statuta Sabaudiae strengthen law enforcement and consequently stimulate trade, spreading better equipment throughout the lands of Savoy. This allows the country to reduce commodity trading fees to 10% and to equip the Militia, increasing their attack by 1, their armour by 1/1, and their hit points by 5.

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: Savoy

Researched at: Town Hall

Requires: -

Century: 14th

Cost: 50 Food , 100 Florins

Effect: Militia +1 attack, +5 HP, +1/+1p armour; commodity trading fee reduced to 10%

Historical Background[]

In 1430, Amadeus VIII. promulgated an extensive statute book, the Statuta Sabaudiae, against the will of the nobility and the cities, which feared a threat for their privileges. This statute book was valid for the whole duchy.