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This actually refers to two technologies, available in two seperate game modes. This article will cover both of these technologies. Bavaria benefits from its bonus on technology cost, and Brittany's unique technology reduces the price by 50%.


Hiring spies to inform you on enemy troop strength and other facts can easily mark a turning point in a war, as the combatant with the spies knows where to attack and where to avoid. The spies in this game are so effective, they can tell you the line of sight of every unit and building every enemy has--essentially, the effects of Cartography. However, the bigger one's town, the more your spies demand to be paid for their services. The rate is 200 florins per each enemy civillian unit in play (you only have to pay 200 florins if the enemy has no civillian units; and you will never pay more than 30,000 florins).

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: All

Researched at: Castle

Century: 15th

Cost: 200 florins/enemy Peasant, Fishing Ship, Merchant, Merchant Barque

Effect: Shared LOS w/enemies. Note: Switching mini-map modes will refresh the mini-map and mark anything explored by enemies as explored.


In regicide games, a special type of game where you must kill the enemy's king to defeat him, somebody from the other side(s) may not be content with the king's "divine right". For a mere 400 florins, they are willing to commit treason and show you where their king is. This technology may be researched multiple times, but chances are you will only need this once (each side begins play with a castle, which is very convienent for hiding things in).

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: All (Requires Regicide game)

Researched at: Castle

Century: 12th

Cost: 400 floirns.

Effect: Location of enemy King(s) revealed. May be researched multiple times.