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Scots Guards

The Scots Guard is one unique unit of France. He is a fast heavy infantry unit. To enable Scots Guards, you must sign the Auld Alliance first. Establishing the Order of the Fleur De Lys provides an addtional 10 HP and 4 attack.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Knightly Infantry

Available to: France

Trained at: Castle

Century: 14th

Requires: Auld Alliance

Cost: 75 florins



HP: 80

Attack: 9

Armor/Pierce Armour: 2/2

Range: Melee

Special: +2 vs. militia lancers and buildings.


They might look like Cliarthaires and fully upgrades they can compete with Arras, but keep in mind, the Scots Guards can't move as fast. Although their attack is comparatively low, Scots Guards are well armoured and can additionally gain a significant boost. Their largest advantage, however, is their production time. Silver permitting, you can just spit these out one after another. So, if you can afford the decent florins price and happen to have a castle close to the enemy lines, Scots Guards can easily become quickly raised reinforcements of strong knightly infantry. They can either be used defensively or fully upgraded to become a strong attack force.

Another advantage is that Scots Guards remain a solid unit in the French arsenal no matter what policy you choose.

Historical Background[]

France and Scotland had been allies since the signing of the "Auld Alliance" in the late 13th/14th century, due to their common hatred of England, and Scottish Men-at-Arms were sworn to the service of the French king. The most important times of Scots in the service of the French army began with the French defeat at Agincourt in 1415. The House of Armagnac desperately seeked mercenaries to reinforce the army and the cheapest of them were the Scots. Soon, they made up the greatest part of foreign mercenaries in the army and also elevated to the status of royal bodyguards.