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Romzug is a policy decision available to Austria and Bavaria. It has the same effect for both civilisations: it strengthens spearmen and medium cavalry, enables imperial elite lancers to fight for the civilisation and allows its priests to convert enemies.

Technology Statistics[]

Name: Romzug

Available to: Austria , Bavaria

Researched at: Town Hall

Century: 14th

Cost: 50 Food , 100 Florins

Effect: Troopers +1 attack, Spearmen +20 HP, EnablesReichsritter , enables conversion

Historical Background[]

Rulers of the Holy Roman Empire undertake a travel to Rome to achieve the Imperial Crown from the Holy Father.

The German term "Romzug" or "Italienzug" describes the campaigns of the frankish and holy roman kings and emperors to Italy. The first campaign of a ruler is generally combined with the coronation of the Emperor by the pope (therefore "Romzug" = Travel to Rome).