Riga Militia

The Riga Militia used to be a militia unit unique to the Teutonic Order until patch XX.XX. It was not stronger, but trained faster and was better armoured than other militia.

It got replaced by the German Militia after the Teutonic Order policy decision had been moved from Saxony to Brandenburg.

Unit StatisticsEdit


Type: Militia

Available to: Teutonic Order

Trained at: Town Hall

Century: 14th

Cost: 60 food, 15 florins



HP: 50

Attack: 10

Armor/Pierce Armour: 1/2

Range: Melee

Special: +4 vs cavalry, ships, and lancers.

Commentary/Strategy (outdated)Edit

If the Order is running low on florins, Riga Militia is the unit to go. They are not stronger than regular militia, but they are cheaper and better armoured. Their unique skill compared to regular sword wielding militia units is their ability to counter mounted units and ships at the expense of an anti-building bonus. An additional advantage is that Rigas can be taught in Swordsmanship, which, together with the Saxon attack speed bonus, makes them superior even to non-saxon Halberd Militia.

Historical BackgroundEdit

Riga, the capital of Latvia, has been a central point for the Teutonic Order, not only because it gained great prosperity as a member of the Hanseatic League. German citizens in the former pagan region can form excellent militia units to supplement the Order armies.

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