The Ribaudequin is the upgrade of the Ribald. It has more hit points and a better attack, which deals more damage to buildings, and has a greater area of effect.

Unit Statistics[edit | edit source]

Vital[edit | edit source]

Type: Artillery

Available to: Savoy

Built at: Castle

Century: 15th

Cost: 100 Wood, 75 Florins, 2 population shots


Combat[edit | edit source]

HP: 250

Attack: 25

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/8

Range: 7

Splash: 0.8

Special: +60 vs. stone buildings, +40 vs. all other buildings.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Upgrade from: Ribald

Upgrade Century: 15th

Speed: Cannon Foundries (Savoyard Unique Technology)

Commentary/Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ribaudequins are better at what they do. They're more durable and pack a bigger punch, but they don't fire any faster or farther, so the same rules for usage apply. Don't think you'll take out heavy-duty defenses with them; that's a good job for your Culverins.

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