The Princely Court is available to Austria, Bohemia, Brittany, Burgundy, Denmark, England, France, Guelders, Poland, Savoy, and Scotland from the 13th Century onwards.

  • Princely Court of Denmark and Guelders
  • Princely Court of Western European civs
  • Princely Court of Central European civs
  • Princely Court of Savoy


Century: 13th

Hit Points: 2100

Attack: 0

Armour/Pierce Armour: 8/11

Range: 0

Cost: 200 wood, 150 florins

Building TechnologiesEdit

City Rights, City Councils, Municipal Storehouses (13th, 14th, 15th)

Roman Law, Representation, Fourth Estate (13th, 14th, 15th)

Chivalric Order, Swordsmanship, Close Order Drill, Bow Practice, Petite Ordonnance (15th)

Court Clergy (15th)

Building UnitsEdit

Hero (14th)

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