Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

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In the Popular Assembly of urban environments in particular, it is remarkably easy for gifted speakers to raise the support of and encourage the less well-to-do. This has the ability to inspire militia troops and increase their zeal (and durability) in battle. The effect gives Miltia Lancers +10 HP and militia infantry +5 HP.

The Teutonic Order's Riga Militia receives 5 HP as well, and the Liv Auxiliary 10; however, the heavier units lose 5 HP.

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: Bavaria, Flanders, Friesland, Genoa, Helvetia, Saxony, Wales

Researched at: Guild Hall, Assembly Hall

Requires: -

Century: 15th

Cost: 400 Food, 200 Florins

Effect: Militia Infantry and Riga Militia +5 HP, Militia Lancers and Liv Auxiliaries +10 HP, Halbbrüder and Ritterbrüder -5 HP