Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

Unique Units: Condottiero (regenerating, heavy armoured cavalry, requires Mercenaries) Genoese Crossbowman (requires Avignon Papacy) Mercenary Longbowman (requires Roman Papacy) Spadaccino (medium infantry) Szekely Auxiliary (mercenary lancer, requires Avignon/Roman Papacy)

Unique Technology: Jubilee Year (available each century; invest food and wood, receive florins)

Team Bonus: Priests can convert (excluding Beguines and Carroccios); enable Block Printing and Girdle Book research

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • All buildings cost 20% less wood
  • Stone miners work more quickly
  • Houses support only 4 population
  • Town Militia -5 HP, Footmen and Spadaccini -10 HP
  • Footmen and Spadaccini -2 attack
  • Relics generate double income
  • Priests have +2/+2P armour
  • Architecture and Court Clergy research free
  • Castles cheaper, smaller, fewer garrisoning slots
  • Churches bigger, more expensive
  • War Cog more expensive, takes longer to construct
  • Has access to Papal Court

Policy Decisions Avignon Papacy (enable Genoese Crossbowman and Székely Auxiliary, enable Plate Armour research; enable French Alliance and Neapolitan Alliance) Roman Papacy (enable Mercenary Longbowman and Székely Auxiliary, enable Blast Furnace research; enable Florentine Alliance and Milanese Alliance) Roman Republic (Militia infantry receive regular HP and attack, are cheaper; enable Arbalester, Halberd Militia, and Cuirass research; enable Florentine Alliance and Neapolitan Alliance)

Alliances (Policy Decision required) Florentine Alliance (mercenaries 20% cheaper, free Banking) French Alliance (Genoese Crossbowmen +20 HP, enable Ordonnance Companies) Milanese Alliance (Condottieri, Spadaccini, Mercenary Longbowmen +1/+2P armour) Neapolitan Alliance (Skirmishers +2 P armour, Galley +1 range, free Shipwright, enable Galleass research)