The French and English Castle

Norman Style Castles are the strongest defensive buildings in Age of Chivalry:Hegemony. They combine the same features as a castle with more strength, attack and garrison. Unlike all other castles, these structures support 25 population slots. A player will hardly be able to knock down these fortifications without siege weapons, such as rams, trebuchets or gunners.

Building StatisticsEdit


Available to: England, France

Century: 13th

Cost: 850 Stone


HP: 5800

Attack: 13

Armor/Pierce Armor: 8/11

Range: 8 (+1 in 15th century)

Garrison Capacity: 25 civil and military units (not siege weapons)

Special: +2 vs. spearmen. Fires 4 arrows, number increases with garrisoned archers or peasants. Provides 25 population.

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