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The Missionary is a priestly unit available to the Teutonic Order (and has been available to England in earlier versions of the game). He has a bit of armor and rides a mule, which helps him keep up with fast-moving armies. However, he cannot carry relics, and is also vulnerable to pikemen and other anti-cavalry units.

Unit Statistics[]


Available to: Teutonic Order

Trained at: Church

Century: 14th

Cost: 75 Florins


HP: 30

Attack: Conversion

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/0

Range: 7

Special: Converts enemy units, heals friendly units.


Range: Block Printing

Armour: Cistercian Reform (Teutonic Order Unique Technology)

Speed: Mendicant Orders

Hit Points: Celibacy

Unit Strategy[]

One should be careful with this unit. He moves faster than a priest, but is still slower than most military units and considered a cavalry unit as well, thus takes extra damage from spear-equipped units. He also has a shorter conversion-range.


There were some bugs with the missionary, but they appear to have been rectified as of 1.72.