Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

The Militia Line forms the basic infantry of all civilizations in Age of Chivalry Hegemony. These medium armed units are capable of holding their ground in melee combat but should avoid confrontation with ranged units. The Militia line is trained at the Levy/Militia Quarters and includes the Freeman, the Town Militia, the Footman and the Halberd Militia.

The Teutonic Order trains a unique Militia, the Riga Militia, available at the Town Hall.

Civs and Militia[]

Bavaria: +1 attack.

Denmark: +4 attack, -10 HP.

England: +10 HP, shorter training. Researching Combined Arms provides +1 attack.

Flanders: Cost decreases as player advances through centuries. +1 attack vs buildings. Researching Chamber of the Council reduces HP -10.

Florence: +2 attack, +10 hit points. +3 attack in 14th century. Researching Scuola Braccesa grants 10% movement speed. Researching Ciompi Government reduces costs by 20%.

France: cost -10 silver, +10 food. Researching Communes provides +20 HP.

Friesland: HP increases as player advances through centuries. Researching Skieringers provides +2 attack, +10 HP. Researching Fetkeapers reduces HP -10.

Guelders: +1 attack, more HP, slower attack/speed.

Poland: Researching Ostsiedlung directly upgrades to Footman (+1 attack).

Savoy: Take up 1/2 population slot. Cheaper, fewer HP, Footman -2 attack. Researching Statuta Sabaudiae provides +1 attack, +5 HP, +1/+1p armour.

Saxony: +10 HP. Researching Hanseatic League provides +2 attack, +10 HP. Attack speed increases as player advances through centuries.

Scotland: moves 15% faster.

Other civs: Normal.