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An empty Merchant going to trade more goods

A Merchant is a civil unit in Age of Chivalry:Hegemony, trained from the 13th century on, and is used to trade and generate florins between two or more civilizations. Merchants do not actually engage in the exchanging of resources between two civilizations; rather, empty merchants travel to another market empty-handed and return with florins. Merchants recieve their florins from the markets of other players and deposit them at the markets of their owners. The amount of florins gained from trade per merchant depends on the distance from one market to another; the farther away the market is, the more florins merchants make. Merchants may engage in trade with allied, neutral and enemy civilizations; however, trading with enemy civilizations is ill-advised since the merchants are likely to be slaughtered upon reaching the enemy market.

Unit Statistic[]


Available to:All

Trained at: Market

Century: 13th

Requires: A Market

Cost: 100 wood, 50 florins


HP: 70

Special: Can trade with two markets


Speed: Caravan