Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

A 14th Western Market in a Desert

The Market is a 13th-century building used to buy and sell resources. The Market has several abilities; in addition to buying and selling resources (on a silver standard), you can train Merchants, research technologies to speed up your merchant units, decrease the trading fee, and give tributes to other players (and reduce, and eventually eliminate, the extra cost to doing so).

Unit Statistics[]


Available to: All

Century: 13th

Cost: 175 Wood


HP: 2100

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/8

Special: Enables tributes, buying/selling of wood, food, stone.

Building Units and Technologies[]


Merchant (13th)


Cartography (13th; enables shared LOS w/allies)

Coinage (13th; tribute cost 20%)

Mercenaries (13th; enables Privateer and mercenary units)

Caravan (14th; speeds up Merchants/Merchant Barques)

Banking (14th; tribute free)

Bills of Exchange (15th; trading fee 15%)