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The Luxembourg Dynasty is a policy decision that allows Bohemia to side with the House of Luxembourg over the adherents of Jan Hus. This alliance grants Bohemia the laws of the Holy Roman Empire and provides the mighty Imperial Knights (Reichsritter). Furthermore, the emperor is able to inspire Slechtics to join your forces and gives them access to the Chivalric Order and better equipment.

Technology Statistics[]

Name: Luxembourg Dynasty

Available to: Bohemia

Researched at: Town Hall

Century: 14th

Cost: 50 Food, 100 Florins

Effect: enables Reichsritter, Slechtic, Karel IV, Ius Teutonicum, Chivalric Order, Bloodlines and Iron Casting; Rytirs and Slechtics have +15 HP)

Historical Background[]

The House of Limburg-Luxembourg was a German dynasty of most Holy Roman Emperors apart from the Habsburgs.

The founder of this dynasty was Henry V, son of Walram IV of Limburg, whose grandson Henry VII became their first king in 1308. When the Premyslid family ended in the male line, a war was fought over Bohemia in which Jan, duke of Luxembourg and son of Henry VII, was the victor. He became king of Bohemia in 1310.

His reign gave rise to what is considered the Golden Age of Bohemia, perfected in the reign of Karel IV (1342-1378), who also became emperor (1355). Among the many things Karel IV did to benefit Bohemia, the principal ones are the founding of the Charles University, the construction of the Charles Bridge, the foundation of the New Town suburb of Prague, the rebuilding of Hradcany castle, implementing administrative improvements for Bohemia and Moravia, raising the episcopal see of Prague to an archbishopric, and cancelling Bohemia's position as a fief of the Holy Roman empire. This gave rise to a fertile artistic and scientific circuit, and Prague became one of the foremost centres of learning in Europe.