The Levy Quarters (also Militia Quarters or Lowland Barracks) is the first military building available to a player (except for Wales, Friesland, and Helvetia, who get the Assembly Hall) and is prerequired to enable most of the other military buildings. It is trains a player's infantry units, as well as Militia Lancers. Civs lacking a Stable (Helvetia, Denmark and Scotland) also train Troopers at this building.

Building StatisticsEdit


Available to: All

Century: 12th


HP: 1200

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/7


  • Militia Quarters
  • Lowland Barracks (Scotland)

Building Units and TechnologiesEdit


Freeman (12th)

Town Militia (12th)

Spearman (12th)*

Footman (13th)

Pikeman (13th)*

Militia Lancer (13th)

Town Lancer (14th)

Halberd Militia (15th)


Tracking (13th) - Increases infantry LOS

Squires (14th) - Infantry move 10% faster

Drill Pikemen (15th)* - Spearmen and Pikemen +2 attack, 10 HP, improved bonuses

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