Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

The Keep is the strongest of the standard towers. The Bombard Tower is a seperate but much more powerful tower; however, Keeps are cheaper, and fire faster. Keeps fire a heavier arrow and are very good against ships and lancers, but do not fire farther than any other tower. Bohemian Keeps have +2 range (from civ bonuses), while Welsh ones have +2 attack (from a unique tech) and Burgundian ones garrison ten units instead of five and allow additional arrows to be fired when infantry are garrisoned.

Building Statistics[]


Available to: Bavaria, Bohemia, Burgundy, England, Genoa, Guelders, Helvetia, Poland, Saxony, Teutonic Order, Scotland, Wales

Century: 15th

Cost: 125 Stone, 25 Wood (also requires seperate upgrade for 500 Food, 350 Wood)


HP: 2250

Attack: 7

Armor/Pierce Armor: 3/9

Range: 8

Garrison: 5 peasants, monks, or foot soldiers.

Special: +10 vs. ships and lancers, +2 vs. spearmen. Number of arrows fired increases with garrisoned archers and/or peasants.