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The policy decision of combining the three Scandinavian thrones into one with the Kalmar Union gives the kings of Denmark better access to stone quarries to strengthen Danish castles and easier accessable silver quarries which can be mined faster.

Technology Statistics[]

Name: Kalmar Union

Available to: Denmark

Researched at: Town Hall

Century: 14th

Cost: 50 Food, 100 Florins

Effect: silver gathering rate +15%, castles +2000 HP

Historical Background[]

The Kalmar Union between the kingdoms of Denmar, Norway and Sweden lasted from 1397 until 1523. It was dominated by Denmark, while in Sweden and Norway only sustained by parts of the nobility and the clergy.

The Nordic union was in a way formalized on June 17, 1397 by the Treaty of Kalmar, signed in the Swedish castle of Kalmar, on Sweden's south-east coast, in medieval times close to the Danish border. However. the union was actually never signed formally, because Margaret I., daughter of Valdemar Atterdag and regent of Denmark, intended to form a much closer union than the nobility of the norse states. The treaty stipulated an eternal union of the three realms under one king, but each kingdom kept with its own council and separate body of government.

The Swedes were not happy with the Danes' frequent wars on Schleswig, Holstein, Mecklenburg, and Pomerania during the 15th century, which were a disturbance to Swedish exports to the European continent. Furthermore, the centralization of government in Denmark raised suspicions.

The agreement was broken when Gustav I of Sweden left the Kalmar Union on 6 June 1523 and only remained partly as a personal union between Denmark and Norway.