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Hussite Beliefs is a policy decision available to Bohemia. It lets Bohemia join the Hussite faction with their unique constructions and allows priests to preach the Hussite Beliefs. The player may then join either of two sects, the Taborites or Utraquists.

Technology Statistics[]

Name: Hussite Beliefs

Available to: Bohemia

Researched at: Town Hall

Century: 14th

Cost: 25 Food, 50 Florins

Effect: Enables War Wagon, Arbalester, Tarasnice, Halberd Militia, Close Order Drill, Pike Drill, Pavises, Chiliasm, enables conversion; Allows Utraquist Sect or Taborite Sect specialisation.

Historical Background[]

The Hussites were christian followers of the reformer Jan Hus, who was executed in 1418 charged with Heresy. They were split up in two parties: the moderate Utraquists - mainly merchants and members of the minor nobility - and the probably more heretic Taborites, followers of the Hussite general Jan Zizka.

A tactic the Hussites were famous for was the "Wagenburg"(Wagon Fort) developed by Zizka. It was a stationary fort formed by a square or circle of War Wagons defended by handgunners, crossbowmen and pikemen.