Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

Unique Units: Cuman Auxiliary (fast-firing cavalry archer, requires Arpad Dynasty) German Militia (militia infantry, requires Premyslid Dynasty) Italian Infantry (mercenary infantry, requires Angevin Dynasty) Székely Auxiliary (fast lancer)

Unique Technologies: Black Army (knightly cavalry +2 melee armour, Handgunners +2P armour; siege weapons (excluding Trebuchets) move 50% faster) Union of Three Nations (German Militia, Székely Auxiliary +2 attack, +1/2P armour, +20 HP)

Team Bonus: Towers garrison 2X units, fire 2X normal garrison arrows

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Hunters work 50% faster
  • Troopers and knightly cavalry 10% faster 13th cent., 15% 14th cent., 25% 15th cent.
  • Receive 15 florins for every enemy building razed
  • Town Watch and Murder Holes free
  • Towers cost +25 stone, +25 wood
  • War Cog more expensive, takes longer to construct
  • Has access to Princely Court

Policy Decisions (can choose one each century) Available in 13th century Arpad Dynasty (enable Cuman Auxiliary, Mongol Auxiliary research) Premyslid Dynasty (enable German Militia)

Available in 14th century Angevin Dynasty (enable Italian Infantry, enable Sallet and Renaissance research) Luxembourg Dynasty (Székely Auxiliary +2 attack, towers cost -25 stone, -25 wood, enable Chivalric Order research)

Available in 15th century Habsburg Dynasty (German Militia and Italian Infantry +1 attack, +20 HP; Castles +2 range; garrisoned infantry fire arrows, enable Bracer and Granulated Gunpowder research) Hunyadi Dynasty (enable Royal Knight, enable Pavises and Ordonnance Companies research)