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Handgunners are light gunpowder units available at the Siege Workshop or the Guild Hall. They are armed with the hand cannon, the first modern firearm, and they have a bonus against infantry and buildings. They are considered archers, however, and are vulnerable to anti-archer units. Flemish Handgunners are more expensive, but reload quicker.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Archer, "Light Artillery"

Available to: Bohemia, Denmark, Flanders, Genoa, Helvetia, Savoy

Trained at: Guild Hall (Flanders, Genoa), Siege Workshop (everybody else)

Century: 15th

Requires: Alchemy

Cost: 75 Food, 50 Florins


HP: 45

Attack: 20

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/1

Range: 8

Accuracy Percentage: 70

Reloading Time: 6

Special: +10 vs. buildings, +8 vs. infantry.


Armour: Padded Archer Armour, Leather Archer Armour, Ring Archer Armour

Training Time: Indenture, Nationalism (Flemish Unique Technology)