Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

Guerrilla warfare is a form of irregular warfare and refers to conflicts in which a small group of combatants use military tactics, such as ambushes, raids, the element of surprise, and extraordinary mobility to harass a larger and less-mobile traditional army, or strike a vulnerable target, and withdraw almost immediately. Through superior training and clever tactical disposition, skirmishing soldiers will become more adept at staying alive and defeating their opponents. This particular set of tactics benefit skirmishers, who no longer benefit from archery schools (i.e. the Bow Practice tech).

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: Friesland, Helvetia, Wales

Researched at: Assembly Hall

Requires: -

Century: 15th

Cost: 600 Wood, 400 Florins

Effect: Javelineers, Skirmishers +2 attack, +2 pierce armour

Recommended Civs[]

This section lists civs that can make the best of Guerilla Warfare (sometimes recommended with a certain policy decision). Note that this may not be the best weapons training tech for that civ, but the civ can still make very good use of it.