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Genoese Crossbowmen are mercenary units available to Brittany (requires Francisation) and France. As mercenaries, they only cost gold and also are produced very quickly. However, they are not produced until the fifteenth century. Genoese crossbowmen are strong crossbowmen with an attack bonus versus infantry, as well as a small bonus versus rams. They are powerful when used correctly, but quite inaccurate at full range.

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From the thirteenth to the fifteenth century, Genoese Crossbowmen were some of the most successful and popular of mercenaries in Europe and corps of Crossbowmen were drawn not only from the city of Genoa, but also from its colonies. Especially the French hired thousands of these elite mercenary crossbowmen to support their armies.

Unit Statistics[]


Available to: Brittany, France

Trained at: Archery Guild

Century: 15th

Requires: Mercenaries, Francisation (Brittany)

Cost: 75 Florins

Genoese Xbow.jpg


HP: 35

Attack: 15

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/0

Range: 7 / 8

Accuracy Percentage: 65

Reloading Time: 5

Special: +10 vs. infantry, +2 vs. rams.

Civs and the Genoese Crossbowman[]

Brittany: Requires Francisation.

England: Replaced by Gascon Crossbowman in scenario editor.

France: +1 range (8 range instead of 7)

Teutonic Order: Replaced by Lett Auxiliary in scenario editor.

All other civs: Normal.