Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

the Militia

The Freeman is the basic infantry unit available at the Levy/Militia Quarters. It is the weakest unit of the Militia Line, but fast to train. The Freeman can be upgraded to the Town Militia.

Vital Statistics[]


Training Facility: Levy Quarters/Militia Quarters

Attack: 4

Hit Point: 30

Armour: 0/1

Accuracy Percentage: 100

Reload time: 2

Cost: 60F/20G

Training Time: 21

Line of Sight: 4

Pop: 1

Maximum Attack Range: 0

Minimum Attack Range: 0

Speed: 0.9


Upgrades to: Town Militia

Upgrade Century: 12th

Upgrade Cost: 100 Food, 40 Florins

Attack: Forging , Iron Casting , Blast Furnace , Dannebrog (Danish Unique Technology)

Attack, Armour: Militia Guilds

Armour: Scale Armour , Mail Armour , Plate Armour

Speed: Squires

LOS: Pathfinding

Hit Points: Popular Assembly

Costs: Landesaufgebot (Bavarian Unique Technology)

Civs and the Freeman[]

Denmark: +4 attack, -10 HP.


This makes an infantry rush, as known from Age of Kings, even more effective: you can either send your units earlier and/or even more of them to harrass your enemy's economy. Additionally, you can already upgrade your Freemen to the Town Militia in the first age. What more do you need?

It can often be a good idea to produce many Freemen before upgrading, to take advantage of the lower price. Freemen, however, are still not the strongest units in combat.

Before the 1.82 update, this unit was the cheapest unit in Chivalry that requires florins. Unlike the AoK counterpart, the "Militia", it only costed half the price of upgraded militia units without sacrificing any stats (unless civ-specific) and could therefore easily be amassed before upgrading to the Town Militia.