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Food is one of the resources players must collect in Age of Chivalry:Hegemony.

Without Food a civilization won't get far. Food is absolutely necessary because it sustains populations. Without it, everyone would die! In fact, it was only with the advent of agriculture that humans were able to create permanent villages and towns instead of living as nomadic hunter-gatherers.

For Age of Chivalry, players must constantly be gathering food for creating units, researching technologies, and advancing their empire through all the ages.

Ways to get Food[]


Other then gathering berries, hunting Animals is the first way that a player can go about gathering food. During the early parts of the game, hunting is by far the best way to acquire food for ones settlement as the gather rates are faster then any other source of food. Animals can be found in groups all through the maps, when one is shot, the others will run in the opposite direction. This can be useful, because with enough patience, one can use his/her units to herd them closer to the Town Hall or Mill. The major downside of Animals is that they are non-sustainable and players will do a lot of traveling to get to find them. There are animals in the game that can not be hunted such as Birds as well as animals such as Wolves and Lions who can be killed but do not provide Food. It is important to note that in Age of Chivalry, the Food content of an animal deteriorates over time; thus, ideally animals should be collected by either a large amount of villagers, (extract all the food at once) or by three or four villagers spaced out so at least one is gathering, one is dropping food off at a Food drop off point, and another is returning from dropping off Food.


Forage bushes are typically scattered throughout the map in clumps at the start of the game. These are used early on since they produce food at a high rate and are relatively accessible, allowing a boost for budding civilizations. These food sources usually do not last very long because they are not very common and have high gather rates.


In Age of Chivalry, Farms can be built by peasants only after you have built a Mill. They contain a limited quantity of food. They can be farmed only by one peasant.


Florins can be traded for Food.


Fishing ships and peasants can usually gather fish if there is a significant amount of water on the map. Fishing is the best form of food collection, along with farms, because boats are cheap, cost only wood, and they don't waste peasants. Task your food-collecting villagers to trees instead.


Age of Chivalry introduce the Sheep trainable Sheep can be found anywhere on the map as neutral units and when come to contact with a playable unit, their collars turns into the colour of the player's chosen colour and could be controlled, but if they get contacted with enemy unit, they immediately turn into enemy player's control but can be taken back by same means. When tasking a Peasant on a domestic animal, he will herd them to the Town Hall or the nearest Food drop site and slaughter them one by one and starts gathering meat of them similar to a hunted animal. Scotland is very good at herding; sheep within a Scotsman's LOS become (and remain) theirs.

Fish Traps[]

Similar to farms, they are built by fishing boats.They contain 715 food and are built by using 100 wood. They will eventually run out of food and have to be rebuilt. They are superior to farms in that fishing boats can gather from them (freeing villagers to gather other resources), as well as lasting longer. However, since fishing ships cannot improve their gathering rate, late-game farms are usually superior.