Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

Florins are the new "currency" in Age of Chivalry Hegemony. They replace gold coins and are gathered from silver mines, and are then minted into coin. Merchants and Trade Cogs trade florins instead of gold.

Mining technologies are therefore called "Silver Mining" and "Silver Shaft Mining".

Ways to get Florins[]


Silver Mine:Similar to Stone mines. Not found in abundance on most maps. Usually found in groups of 2-7, where each unit yields 1200 Florins.


Land trade: Use a Merchant to travel between your market and the market of another player to generate florins. The farther the distance between the two markets, the more Florins are generated.

Water trade: Use a Merchant Barque to travel between your Dock and the dock of another player to generate Florins. The farther the distance between the two Docks, the more Florins are generated.


Market: Trade Food, Wood or Stone for Florins.


Tribute: Other players may occasionally tribute you Florins as a reward for completing an objective.


Relics: The holy relics found on a map are very useful, especially after all the Florins has been mined. They can be picked up by Priests and to be put into a player's Church, where they will slowly add Florins to your stockpile. The Relics are vital in multiplayer games. They are very valuable assets late in a game, as most units require Florins and relics provide a steady source of it. The more Relics a player has in his possesion, the more Florins are generated by them. Capturing all of the relics on a map can be a way to win the game in certain situations.