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Flemish Infantry

The Flemish Infantry is a strong mercenary pikeman unique to Burgundy. It has a smaller attack bonus against cavalry and lancers than the standard pikeman, but better basic stats and additionally benefits from the long pike. Unlike most mercenary units, the Flemish Infantry requires no additional technology apart from Flemish Relations.

Unit Statistics[]


Available to: Burgundy

Trained at: Levy Quarters

Century: 14th

Requires: Flemish Relations

Cost: 80 food, 35 florins

Flemish Infantry stats.jpg


HP: 80

Attack: 8

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/1

Range: 1

Special: +10 vs. cavalry, +5 vs. ships and lancers.


Attack: Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace

Attack, hit points: Close Order Drill

Armour: Scale Armour. Mail Armour, Plate Armour

Speed: Squires

LOS: Pathfinding

Training time: Indenture


Flemish Infantry make strong support units, and it may be tempting to replace Burgundy's below-par pikemen with these. Since Burgundy's militia aren't that special either, this certainly is a viable option, due to a decent amount of attack and hit points and, especially, the long pike. The downturn, however, lies in their low speed and light armour. Furthermore, Flemish Infantry are quite expensive at 80 food and 35 florins, and unlike the Flemish, the Burgundians have no cost-reduction bonuses, not to mention how much a player would be shelling out on heavy cavalry.

You should definitely produce Flemish Infantry if you can afford to mass them. Like most ranged pikemen, they make short work of melee cavalry and can even stand their ground against infantry. However, if circumstances call for fast or well armoured units, resources should rather be spend on Burgundian knights. But overall, this could be one of the best units in the Burgundian arsenal.

Historical Background[]

With the marriage of the Duke of Burgundy to Margareta, Countess of Flanders, the Flemish county was absorbed into the Duchy of Burgundy. Consequently, the duke also drew professional pikemen from Flemish towns to serve in the Burgundian army. John the Fearless had experimented with raising large numbers of Flemish infantry, although with limited success.