The Fetkeapers support the foundation of hierarchic noble dominions, often by apealling to foreign military assistance. In battle, they heavily rely on the small Frisian knightly class assisted by the mighty cavalry of Guelders.

This is a policy decision for Friesland, which reduces the HP of militia infantry by 10 but also grants +3 attack to knightly infantry. Furthermore, it enables the production of the Guelder Ruiter as a mercenary.

Technology StatisticsEdit

Available to: Friesland

Researched at: Town Hall

Requires: -

Century: 14th

Cost: 50 Food , 100 Florins

Effect: Militia -10 HP, Foot Knights +3 attack; enables Ruiter

Historical BackgroundEdit

The Schieringers and Vetkopers were two opposing Frisian factional parties from the medieval period. They were responsible for a bloody civil war that lasted for over a century (1350–1498) and which eventually led to the end of the highly praised "Friese freedom".

These factional parties arose because of an economic downturn that began in Friesland in the mid-14th century. Accompanied by a decline in monasteries and other communal institutions, social discord led to the emergence of untitled nobles called hoofdelingen ("headmen"), wealthy landowners possessing large tracts of land and fortified homes. The hoofdelingen derived their nobility not from having lands and titles conferred on them by King or Emperor but assumed power after the demise of the Dutch counts before them.[2]

The hoofdelingen took over the role of the judiciary as well offering protection to their local inhabitants. Internal struggles between regional leaders resulted in bloody conflicts and the alignment of regions along two opposing parties: the Schieringers and the Vetkopers.

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