Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

Forging an English Alliance as a policy decision can be a great advantage for Burgundy. Establishing an alliance with the English does not only allow you to hire their Mercenary Longbowmen, but also improves naval trade.

Technology Statistics[]

Name: English Alliance

Available to: Burgundy

Researched at: Town Hall

Century: 14th

Cost: 50 Food, 100 Florins

Effect: enables Mercenary Longbowman, speeds up Merchant Barques

Historical Background[]

Burgundy allied twice with the English. At first to detach from the influence of the French suzerainty and to unite the Burgundian dominions, Philipp III the Good, Duke of Burgundy, allied with England against the French until the Treaty of Arras in 1435. After the death of his father and no longer bound by the Treaty of Arras, his son, Charles the Bold, decided to ally himself with England.

While retaining the principles of feudal recruiting, Charles had endeavoured to establish a system of rigid discipline among his troops, which he had strengthened by taking into his pay foreign mercenaries, particularly Englishmen and Italians.