Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki


The Ecorcheur is the upgrade of the Routier. It has more HP, better attack and attack bonuses than the predecessor.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Cavalry Archer

Available to: England

Trained at: Castle

Century: 15th

Cost: 60 food, 70 florins



HP: 50

Attack: 8

Armor/Pierce Armor: 2/2

Range: 7

Accuracy Percentage: 50

Reloading Time: 2.2

Special: +6 vs. spearmen


Upgrade from: Routier

Attack, range: Fletching, Bodkin Arrow, Bracer, Bow Practice

Attack: Alchemy

Armour: Padded Archer Armour, Leather Archer Armour, Ring Archer Armour

Armour, bonuses: Plackart

Accuracy: Thumb Ring

Speed: Husbandry

Hit Points: Bloodlines

Training time: Indenture


Similar to Routiers, Echorcheurs are pathetically inaccurate at maximum range, but most useful in groups and against big groups of enemies. Mercifully, by the time they are upgraded their archery has improved substantially. Their increased attack and HP added to their armour not only make them effective against archers and skirmishers but make them useful in pursuing Welsh Saethwyr - especially after being equipped with the Thumb Ring.

Above all, Ecorcheurs excel against advancing spearmen - even at close quarters - using their attack bonus and defence abilities to full effect.

Historical Background[]

The term "écorcheur" ("skinner"), like the "routier", derived from bands of mercenaries - mostly from the disbanded "grandes compagnies" - that ferociously pillaged the lands of France during the 15th century.