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The ability to Drill Pikemen is available in the 15th century to Bohemia, Flanders, Helvetia, and Scotland. When drilled, some soldiers achieve a skill with the pike that can only be typified as uncanny. It lets pikemen receive an additional 2 attack and 10 HP. This can be stacked with Close Order Drill (Flanders, Scotland, Bohemia), which gives them another +2 attack and 10 HP, turning pikemen into a threat for even infantry units.

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: Bohemia, Flanders, Helvetia, Scotland

Researched at: Levy/Militia Quarters (Bohemia, Flanders, Scotland), Assembly Hall (Helvetia)

Requires: Hussite Beliefs (Bohemia), Normanisation (Scotland)

Century: 15th

Cost: 700 Food, 400 Florins

Effect: Pikemen +2 attack, 10 HP, improved bonuses