Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

The Demolition Ship is a warship available to all civs (except for Denmark). It is a fast ship filled with gunpowder that explodes on contact with other sea units and buildings close to the shore. Bavarian demolition ships have additional hitpoints. The demolition ship has an upgrade, the Heavy Demolition Ship, which is no longer playable.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Warship

Available to: All except Denmark

Trained at: Dock

Century: 15th

Cost: 120 Wood, 100 Florins

Population: 4


HP: 50

Attack: 110

Blast: 2.5

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/3

Range: melee

Special: explodes; +220 vs. buildings.

Unit Strategy[]

This ship might be expensive, but it is fast and excels best against the Longship, which can not destroy the Demo Ship from a distance. It also excels against Privateers, as their cannonball travels too slowly to hit the Demo Ship (except in the case of English ships).