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The Dannebrog, the Danish banner, is said to be given to the Danish Kings by God himself. Its presence on the battlefield imparts infantry with divine fervor, increasing their attack.

Technology Statistics[]

Available to: Denmark

Researched at: Castle

Century: 15th

Cost: 450 Food, 750 Florins

Effect: Infantry +3 attack

Historical Background[]

The Dannebrog is the name for the national flag of Denmark. The Danes invented the cross design used by several other Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Norway. The flag is the oldest flag currently in use by an independent nation.

According to legend, the flag originates from the Battle of Valdemar near Tallinn, Estonia, on June 15, 1219. The battle was going badly, and defeat seemed imminent. However, a Danish priest on top of a hill overlooking the battle prayed to God, reversing the outcome. At one point his arms were so tired he had to drop them, and the Danes then lost the advantage. Two soldiers held the priest's hands up, and when the Danes were about to win, the banner fell from the sky and the king took it, showed it to the troops. The subsequent morale boost carried the Danes to victory.