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The Condottiero, is a unique mercenary unit available to Genoa by joining the Ghibellini. It is heavily armoured, similar to the Wapentuer, and heals itself like a Rhenish Knight. However, it lacks the anticavalry bonus armor of its contemporaries.

Unit Statistics[]


Available to: Genoa (requires Ghibellini)

Trained at: Castle

Century; 14th

Cost: 90 florins, 2 pop slots



HP: 130

Attack: 11

Armor/Pierce Armor: 4/2

Special: Heroized: regenerates HP, cannot be converted, default stance is set to Defensive instead of Aggresive.


Don't let the graphics fool you. The Condottiero is its own unit, although its base stats retain similarity to its counterparts up north. Players should take note that it no longer has anticavalry armor, so treat it like a trooper with a little extra boost. The Condottierro does have very good armor (4/2), making it pretty good against swordsmen and light cavalry, but it's once again a bad idea to send it into a shiltron of pikes.

Condottierri also make effective anti-priest units, especially against computer opponents, as a formation of priests tends to rout when charged by anything they are unable to convert.

Historical Background[]

It was often vital that the lords of the Italian cities attempt to keep weapons out of the hands of potential troublemakers, and put them instead at the disposal of other parties whose loyalty was without question. Over time, the quasi-democratic Italian city-states soon became petty dictatorships, each under the rule of a Duke, forming the nucleus of the first Italian mercenary companies, the infamous condottieri.