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The Cliarthaire

The Cliarthaire is a fast moving knightly infantry unit unique to Scotland. It has low hitpoints and armour, but a decent melee attack and is relatively cheap to train at the Highland Barracks. It can be upgraded to the Arras. He is not to be confused with the French Scots Guard.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Knightly Infantry

Available to: Scotland

Trained at: Highland Barracks

Century: 13th

Requires: Castle

Cost: 50 food, 25 florins (1.5 pop)



HP: 45

Attack: 9

Armor/Pierce Armour: 0/1

Special: +2 vs. buildings.


Upgrades to: Arras

Upgrade Century: 15th

Upgrade Costs: 1000 Food, 500 Florins

Attack: Forging , Iron Casting , Blast Furnace , Claidheamh Biorach (Scottish Unique Technology), Swordsmanship

Armour: Scale Armour . Mail Armour , Plate Armour

LOS: Pathfinding

Training time: Indenture

Costs: Gaelicisation (Scottish Policy Decision)


These units can be substituted for militia infantry, due to their greater attack. This will free up a Scotsman's Lowland Barracks to make pikemen. Cliarthaires are best used as swift ambush units, though in the early game they make a good line troop (contrary to the unit's tooltip). Although they lack the versatility of other UUs, they can still be used to draw enemy units away to allow for other units to strike at and undefended quarter.

Historical Background[]

The Highlands have always been an excellent area for raising troops. The Cliarthaires, regular soldiers who grew up in hard living conditions, could stand severe situations, and their initial onslaught in battle was always hard to withstand. However, their light armour made them vulnerable, particularly in longer engagements, so the Cliarthaires were best employed for hit-and-run fights rather than pitched battles.