Churches train priests and missionaries, and also are responsible for researching technologies that benefit priests. The majority of techs benefit Beguines, Missionaries, and Carroccios as well, though only missionaries belong to a converting civilization by default. Churches also store relics, which then generate silver.

Building StatisticsEdit


Available to: All

Century: 14th

Cost: 175 wood


HP: 2100

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/8

Garrison Capacity: 10 monks/missionaries (must have gather point on Church) or relics.

Units TrainedEdit

Priest (14th)

Missionary (14th; Teutonic Order only)

Technologies ResearchedEdit

14th CenturyEdit

Mendicant Orders (improves Priest speed)

Celibacy (improves Priest HP)

Heresy (units converted by enemy die rather than convert)

Localised Interdict (converting civs only; allows conversion of buildings, siege, War Wagon)

Chiliasm (Bohemia only; allows conversion of Priests)

15th CenturyEdit

Faith (increases conversion resistance)

Block Printing (converting civs only; improves Priest range)

Manuscript Uniformity (converting civs only; improves Priest recharge rate)

Girdle Book (converting civs only; allows only one Priest to rest if multiple Priests attempt to convert the same unit)

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