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Chiliasm is a unique technology of Bohemia, requiring Hussite Beliefs. When researched, Bohemian priests can convert enemy priests, including Teutonic Missionaries, Flemish Beguines, and Genoese Carroccios.

Technology Statistics[]

Name: Chiliasm

Available to: Bohemia (requires Hussite Beliefs)

Researched at: Church

Century: 14th

Cost: 200 Florins

Effect: Priests can convert enemy Priests


This technology is perhaps one of the most powerful in the game. Since Flanders and Genoa receive unique priestly units but, like most priests, cannot convert, these have 100% faith by default, and with a bit of cleverness a Bohemian can make several conversions at once, thus resulting in disruption in the enemy ranks. Chilasm is also useful for gaining control of Danish priests, who receive HP boosts with every Church technology reasearched.