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A carroccio is a priestly unit, usually an inspiring standard, unique to Genoa and available at the Guild Hall. It is slow, but well armoured and comes with a high amount of hit points. However, it cannot convert (unless captured by a Chiliasm-armed Hussite) or carry relics.

Unit Statistics[]

Type: Priest

Available to: [[Genoa|Genoa

Idle carroccio.gif


Trained at: Guild Hall

Century: 13th

Cost: 100 Wood , 50 Florins

HP: 200

Armor/Pierce Armor: 4/20

Range: 5

Special: Heals units (except siege weapons and ships).


Carroccios have quite a versatile unit. They can be used for what they are made, to heal units even under heavy fire. In the same way, they can be used offensively as tanks to protect (and still heal) units while being focused by archers. A Carroccio's defencive stats can be compared to those of a capped ram, however, the Carroccio comes with melee armour and can be built at lower costs. If you need a healing tank, this is your unit.