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The Capped Ram is the upgrade of the Battering Ram, with more armor, larger anti-siege and anti-building bonuses, and more HP. However, like its predecessor, it retains the lovely "negative armor" feature, which gives all melee units attacking it a +3 attack bonus. The Capped Ram can be upgraded further, to the Siege Ram, and can carry four foot soldiers, which increase its speed and anti-building bonus..

Unit Statistics[]


Available to: All

Built at: Siege Workshop

Century: 15th

Cost: 160 Wood , 75 Florins

Type: Siege Weapon


HP: 200

Attack: 3

Blast: 1.5

Armor/Pierce Armor: -3/190

Garrison: 4 foot soldiers (not peasants, priests)

Special: +150 vs. buildings, +50 vs. siege weapons.