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A Princely Court,one of the new buildings in Age of Chivalry:Hegemony

Age of Chivalry Hegemony offers several new and even changed buildings.

New Buildings[]

Assembly Hall[]

Communal countries with small-scale organisation rely largely on villages and local initiatives. Therefore they have their own assembly to make important decisions.

In AoCH, the Assembly Hall is not only the rallying point for Spearmen, Skirmishers and Unique Units, but also offers technologies to improve military and finance. The Assembly Hall can also provide shelter to injured peasants and military units.

Guild Hall[]

In countries with an urban organisation craftsmen and merchants, even the local militia tend to form their own guilds. Some guildhalls being used for these meetings were later transformed into town halls.

In AoCH, the Guild Hall is not only the rallying point for Unique Units and Handgunners, but can also be used as an effective defence and shelter for peasants and injured units. (The Guild Hall has the attack power of a Castle but the range of a town hall; therefore, they are not a subsitute for castles (which are in fact required for UUs), but can be used as a cheap means of area denial.) It allows the research of technologies to improve military and finance.

Princely Court[]

Noble states ruled by a king, prince or powerful nobleman prove the power of their monarch with great courts.

In AoCH, the Princely Court allows the training of strong heroes as well as the research of technologies to improve priests, military and finance. The Princely Court is incredibly well armored and very hard to destroy without siege equipment.

Changed Buildings[]

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Town Center:[]

The Town Center has been renamed to the Town Hall. It also produces a military unit, the Riga Militia (available to the Teutonic Order).


Depending on the type of civilization, the Barracks are renamed to Levy Quarters or Militia Quarters.

Archery Range:[]

The Archery Range has been renamed to "Archery Guild". It is not available to Wales.

Scotland (Celts) :[]
  • Archery Range = Highland Barracks. Trains archer, skirmisher, light cavalry, unique unit.
  • Barracks = Lowland Barracks. Trains militia, spearmen, trooper.

  • The Castle has been renamed to "Tower House" for Scotland and Wales and to "Torenstins" for Friesland. These civilizations have smaller castles with a smaller garrisoning capacity, but they are cheaper.
  • England and France have stronger castles with greater attack and garrison capacity, but these are more expensive.


Galley-Line removed, War Kog (AoK Longship) added for all civs


Depending on the civilization, the University is renamed to "Chapter School".


The Monastery is now called "Church".

Monuments and Landmarks[]