Age of Chivalry: Hegemony Wiki

German Militia (militia, upgrades automatically upon aging up) Wend Raider (light cavalry, upgrades automatically upon aging up) Teutonic Order units (see Teutonic Order)

Unique Technology: Brandenburg Law (German Militia +2 attack, +20 hit points)

Team Bonus: Towers 20% cheaper

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Can choose Policy Decision in 13th century
  • Can construct German Barracks and Slav Barracks
  • Wend Raider and German Militia receive periodical free upgrades
  • Archer and Crossbow unit-lines separate; archers 10% cheaper each century, crossbows remain expensive
  • Lancer/Guard Lancer +1 pierce armour
  • Castles 20% cheaper
  • Treadmill Crane free
  • Has access to the Princely Court (Junker League/Kurfürst) or Commandry (Teutonic Order), depending on Policy Decision

Policy Decisions Junker League (Enables Fahnenjunker; knightly units +1 melee armour; units at Slav Barracks 10% cheaper) Kurfürst (Enables German Gunners and Handgunners; Alchemy free; units at German Barracks +15% hit points) Teutonic Order (see Teutonic Order)