• A 13th century Blacksmith
  • A 14th/15th century Western Blacksmith
  • A 14th/15th century Savoyard, Bavarian Blacksmith
  • A 14th/15th century Genoese Blacksmith
The Blacksmith is indeed a very important building for your combat units. It allows the research of technologies that equip your soldiers with arms and armor. Naturally, it's available to everyone, as is the first row of technologies. Your siege engineers cannot operate without one of these; they enable Siege Workshops to be built.

Building StatisticsEdit


Available to: All

Century: 13th

Cost: 150 Wood


HP: 1500

Armor/Pierce Armor: 0/7

Special: Improves military units' attack, range, and armor stats.

Building TechnologiesEdit

13th CenturyEdit

Forging--Melee units +1 attack

Fletching--Ranged units, towers, castles, Kogges +1 attack, +1 range

Scale Armor--Infantry +1/1 armor

Scale Barding Armor--Cavalry +1/1 armor

Padded Archer Armor--Ranged units +1/1 armor

14th CenturyEdit

Iron Casting--Melee units +1 attack

Bodkin Arrow--Ranged units, towers, castles, Kogges +1 attack, +1 range

Mail Armor--Infantry +1/1 armor

Mail Barding Armor--Cavalry +1/1 armor

Leather Archer Armor--Ranged units +1/1 armor

Pavises--Archer Line (Archer, Crossbowman, Arbalester) +0/5 armor, but 10% slower and cost increased

15th CenturyEdit

Blast Furnace--Melee units +2 attack

Bracer--Ranged units, towers, castles, Kogges +1 attack, +1 range

Plate Armor--Infantry +1/2 armor

Plate Barding Armor--Cavalry +1/2 armor

Ring Archer Armor--Archers +1/2 armor

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