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The Bajoras is a ranged lancer unit unique to Poland and trainable at the stable after the Union of Krewo has been signed. Though Bajorai are the most expensive lancers in Chivalry, they compensate it with good strength and anti-cavalry bonuses combined with a ranged attack. Nevertheless, he also suffers from the same weaknesses as other lancers: low pierce armour and extra damage from castles and towers.

Unit Statistics[]


Type: Lancer

Available to: Poland (requires Union of Krewo)

Trained at: Stable

Century: 14th

Cost: 55 Food, 85 Florins

Population: 1.5



HP: 80

Attack: 10

Armor/Pierce Armor: 1/0

Special: +12 vs. cavalry (except lancers)


Attack: Forging, Iron Casting, Blast Furnace

Armour: Scale Barding Armour. Mail Barding Armour, Plate Barding Armour

Attack, armour, speed: Petite Ordonnance

Speed: Husbandry

Hit Points: Bloodlines, Cuirass (Polish Unique Technology)

Training time: Indenture


Joining the powerful Polish cavalry corps, the Lithuanian Bajoras is a powerful lancer unit with a unique twist: it throws its lance a short distance before joining the melee. Now, the Poles have to research the Union of Krewo to unlock this unit, but once they do, it's worth it.

The Bajoras moves just slightly slower than a normal lancer unit, about as fast as an Ordonnance Lancer, which minimializes the speed loss when combined with its stablemates. In a formation of Szlachta, Guard Lancers, and Bajorai, the Bajorai can act as the skirmishers of the group, throwing their lances to disrupt the enemy.

Like all lancers, Bajorai take less damage from pikemen and lancers, but take extra damage from towers and castles. They are thus not the best unit to assault a heavily fortified position, but are very powerful out in the open field.

Historical Background[]

The Lithuanian nobles, the Bajorai (Sg. Bajoras), who joined the kingdom of Poland in the course of the 14th century also used light armour in battle, but were even more agile than the Poles being partly inspired by Mongol tactics. They used to throw their lances from a distance before joining the melee.